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Cogniview PDF2XL Enterprise是一个把pdf转换excel工具,转换超快,从安装到转让你的第一个PDF只需不到5分钟即可完成。 Cogniview PDF2XL Enterprise还支持从扫描文档及屏幕上的数据和报告中转Excel文件.


Convert long PDF files by applying a "Single Page Structure" to multiple pages - By re-applying a single "page structure", PDF2XL allows you to convert PDF files of any size... On top of that, multiple pages are converted at a speed of 450 pages per minute, which means that even the longest files will be converted in minutes.

Extract data from almost any type of PDF - Documents with different tables on different pages, documents with several tables on a single page, rotated pages, PDFs with tiny or unreadable fonts, PDF documents with a combination of fields and tables, and dozens other types of PDFs.

Use your PDF data in a variety of applications - Aside from Excel, PDF2XL will extract the data to a CSV file (comma separated values) so that it can be uploaded into other applications. You can also export data directly into Microsoft Word, copy it to the clipboard, and to other formats.

And Much More - For Example, PDF2XL allows you to use "layouts" you created for one PDF document to instantly convert other (similar) documents. PDF2XL also allows you to work efficiently by using over 20 "little" productivity features.




Here's how simple it is:

Use PDF2XL to view your PDF document. Select the data you want to convert on one page, and PDF2XL automatically gives you a preview of your selected data in Excel.

Choose whether you want to convert the current page, a page range or all the pages and...

Click on the CONVERT button and the selected data pastes instantly into your Excel (XLS) or Word (DOC) file.

This super-fast PDF to Excel conversion process along with the simple PDF2XL installation allows you to install, set up, and convert your first PDF file in less than 5 minutes.

You will, of course, be able to handle smaller documents, even one-pagers.


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