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为每个Windows或ASP程序增加功能强大的文件压缩和AES加密术。PowerTCP Zip Compression Tool帮助您在您的程序中添加高速、可靠的压缩/解压缩功能。

The PowerTCP Zip Compression Tool lets you add high-speed, reliable, zip/unzip functionality to your applications regardless of whether you are manipulating files or memory. We’ve developed our own unique methods and objects that will allow you to work quickly and easily regardless of your project’s complexity.

For those simple jobs, the QuickZip and QuickUnzip methods perform compression and decompression of files with only one line of code! This tool also includes a unique FileStore object, which gives you fine-tuned memory/file support. You will finally be able to move data from a memory buffer to a compressed file or vice-versa and easily extract a single file from a compressed file, display information about an individual file within a compressed file and search inside a compressed file. Now the PowerTCP Zip Compression Tool also contains self-extraction and AES encryption capability! If all these great features just aren’t needed right now, review our ZipLite version for simple zip/unzip functionality.

Don’t sacrifice speed for performance when you can get them both in the new PowerTCP Zip Compression Tool.

Features include:
100% .NET compatible using .NET COM interop, samples included.
Zip ActiveX COM control adds high-speed, reliable zip and unzip capabilities to any application.
AES encryption/decryption provides 256-bit military-grade data security.
WinZip? PKZIP? and UNIX gzip compatible.
Dart抯 optimized algorithm improves compression speeds by up to 250% over the competition.
A stream interface is used for adding/extracting files, so you can zip/unzip between the compressed file and uncompressed data in files OR memory.
QuickZip and QuickUnzip short-cut methods provide a high-level interface, while the FileStore object exposes the details of the files you are operating on, providing you with complete control.
Create self-extracting zip files with one method call, making distribution of compressed files easier than ever.
Long filename support.
Supports spanning to multiple disks.
Progress event allows you to monitor lengthy operations.
Asynchronous (multi-threaded) and synchronous operation are both fully supported.
Supports COM+ Component Services.
Can be used in a multi-threaded environment.
Includes a royalty-free license.
Wrapper classes included for convenient integration into Visual C++.