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The Accordent Capture Station是一个易于使用,基于房间的设备,使几乎任何人都可以直播和录制高价值的每天在世界各地的会议室,教室里所作的专题介绍。

The Accordent Capture Station is an easy-to-use, room-based appliance that enables virtually anyone to webcast and record high-value presentations that take place every day in the world's meeting rooms, classrooms and boardrooms.

The Accordent Capture Station enables organizations to offer TV-like online broadcasts, by using cost-effective IP bandwidth instead of costly satellite communications, phone lines or high-cost video production. This award-winning product is used by more than 150 of the Fortune 500 as well as many government and educational institutions for creating dynamic and engaging corporate communications, training and educational programs.

Available as a turnkey appliance that includes Accordent's award-winning rich media creation software, IBM Lenovo hardware and video and VGA capture cards, the Accordent Capture Station seamlessly records and synchronizes audio, video and data output from any presentation device and instantly creates an online multimedia presentation. Presenters simply plug any VGA-enabled device (including laptops, projectors, smartboards and document cameras) into the Accordent Capture Station and click "Start" and the Accordent Capture Station does the rest.

Designed for deployment across organizations, multiple systems can be centrally managed and automatically operated with the Accordent Media Management System, enabling organizations to control, provision and monitor resources, while enabling campus- or company-wide rich media presentation creation.



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Accordent PresenterPRO 桌面虚拟化 Accordent Technologies


Accordent specializes in providing online communications solutions that specifically address the needs of the enterprise and its stakeholders, from executives to administrators, IT to media services departments, and audiences behind, and outside, the corporate firewall.
Companies use the Accordent rich media communications suite to create events of any scale and to protect, track and measure those assets within a secure management framework. Our enterprise focus is the reason Accordent is the #1 platform trusted by 150 of the Fortune 500.