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Softlinx ReplixFax T.38实时IP网络传真(FoIP)允许你在你的传真,IP网络间平衡IP电话(VoIP),方便快捷的部署为,节省成本和提高生产率。


   如果你有一个IP网络介质网关支持T.38实时传真、Softlinx IP传真的ReplixFax(FoIP)方案能够加强你所有的组织的传真信息需在一个单一的、统一的环境里。这个ReplixFax FoIP既支持软件解决方案,以传真模板的形式,并提供服务器虚拟化和外部传真服务器集群能力提供无与伦比的可靠性、可扩展性和性能。



   与所有的主要网络互操作的介质网关、路由器和IP PBXs







  • Easy-to-use, comprehensive and affordable enterprise faxing in a seamlessly integrated environment with MS Windows
  • Integrated with SMTP email gateway and AD and LDAP directories to support enterprise email-to-fax deployment
  • Comprehensive fax APIs available for fax-enabling any business application to streamline document driven business processes
  • High performance, availability and fully scalable with Fax over IP, Fax Server Clustering and Virtual Fax Server support
  • Offers significant cost savings, superior service and unmatched reliability

ReplixFax for Windows是一款可靠的,高扩展性并且划算的网络传真服务,产品的设计目的在于为使用Microsoft Windows的公司降低成本,提高生产效率,使沟通更加流畅。它可以使最终用户在桌面上轻松的收发传真,邮件和其他商务应用。网络中传真的自动化,让企业在核心任务中的传真沟通速度更快,同时商务合作和有效率。

Built on a robust, scalable architecture, ReplixFax for Windows provides the flexibility companies need to improve the performance and reliability of automating the delivery of documents and business processes. Whether your installation entails only a small workgroup or involves a multi-location enterprise configuration, ReplixFax for Windows is designed to easily accommodate the demands of businesses of all sizes.

Reliable, Scalable and High Performance Enterprise Faxing

  • Fax Server Clustering and Server Virtualization: Guarantees uninterrupted, high-performance fax service by allowing you to focus on recovering your core servers in the event of any server component failure
  • Real-time Fax over IP (FoIP) Support: Leverage VoIP network to consolidate fax infrastructure, eliminate telephone charges and reduce network complexity.
  • Centralized Administration: Intuitive web-based interface enables IT administrators to monitor, configure and manage users, fax servers and Intelligent Modem Gateways (IMGs) with full control
  • Scalable, Robust Architecture: Multi-tier, modular architecture for client, server and modem gateway provides the flexibility you need to add capacity as demand and use increases
  • Dynamic Load Balancing: Increase efficiency of your network by sharing available modem lines on the network for maximum efficiency
  • Least Cost Routing: Faxing over private WAN or the Internet eliminates long distance telephone charges
  • Guaranteed High Service Levels: Server logs can be immediately viewed and managed through the Web administration interface for faster troubleshooting and improved service

Comprehensive End User Features

  • Simple Desktop Faxing: Send, receive and manage faxes directly from your PC using a full-featured Windows fax client
  • Easy as Using Email: Send and receive faxes from any email application including Microsoft Outlook, Lotus Notes or SMTP e-mail
  • Production Faxing: Send high-volume faxes with 24x7 fault tolerance
  • Broadcast Faxing: Automatically fax a single document to business groups or a distribution list for maximum efficiency
  • Integrates with Any Business Application: Accelerate business processes by enabling users to fax documents from any business application
  • Fax Status Notification: Fax transmission status is notified via e-mail or web
  • Automated Inbound Fax Routing: Reduce workflow delays and interruptions by routing inbound fax documents to the e-mail inbox, network printer, desktop or business applications in PDF or TIF file format
  • Full Fax Conversion: Supports fax conversion for all document types including Microsoft Office, Lotus SmartSuite, ASCII text, TIF, BMP, GIF, JPG, PDF, Postscript and HTML files
  • Phonebooks: Consolidate global fax numbers and groups in a central location for quick and easy retrieval
  • Fax Data Managed in Relational Database: Detailed fax log data is managed via Oracle or MySQL databases for efficient management and tracking
  • Automatic Retransmission: Failed fax pages are automatically retransmitted to save time and reduce manual labor
  • Instant or Delayed Delivery: Flexible fax scheduling options allow you to meet high-priority deadlines with greater ease
  • Print2Fax Integration: Automatically launch print option from any Windows desktop application for fast fax printing

Comprehensive Reporting and Monitoring Capabilities

  • Real-time Fax Status: Instant alerts enable IT to improve troubleshooting and response time
  • High Accuracy Reporting: Generate detailed logging and fax usage reports to monitor costs, track billing and maintain accurate accounting records
  • Automated Fax Archiving for Compliance: Built-in features enable fax documents to be automatically captured, indexed and stored for fast search and retrieval, ensuring greater security, less risk and reduced liability
  • Customized Usage Reports: Generate fax usage reports to monitor costs and minimize resources
  • Audit Tracking: Advanced alerting and features help to speed tracking and monitoring of faxes for audit trails