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Take Command是一个全面交互式GUI和命令行,使Windows命令提示和批处理文件更加轻松强大。Take Command将你的命令行使用卡是窗口和可选资源管理器风更进行整合,为你的文件夹在视觉上更加直观。Take Command包括数百个主要改进,对CMD命令如复制、删除、DIR等,增加了140多个命令,批处理文件IDE/debugger和众多其他功能。我们深信,在90天的试用期内发现我们的产品对你来说不可或缺

JPSoft Take Command是非常流行的命令行处理器4DOS的32位Windows替代品。Take Command具有4DOS的所有功能,另外它还增加了某些图形特征,例如:向回滚动的缓冲区,可定制的工具栏,通过下拉菜单访问公共命令。“Caveman”功能使你能够直接在Take Command窗口中运行有滚动输出的字符模式应用程序

The ease of use of Windows File Explorer merged with the power of the command line - manipulate files at the command line and graphically see the results

Run sessions in multiple tabbed windows (including TCC, CMD, bash and PowerShell)

Fully customizable - 20 startup tabs, up to 50 toolbar buttons, look and feel, etc

Find text in any tab window

(Optional) Common command input window for all tab windows

Integrated graphical IDE with tabbed edit windows and debugger with singlestepping, breakpoints, syntax coloring, bookmarks, tabbed variable and watch windows.

Enhanced command line editor with history, filename completion and cut & paste

Fast - 20-200% faster output display than the standard Windows console window

Built-in screen scrollback buffer lets you review or print output from past commands at any time

Enhanced Directory Navigation lets you quickly browse and change directories

Built-in file viewer includes scrolling, search, and print capabilities

Complete scripting language - massive superset of CMD with 164 commands, 245 functions and 159 system variables

Complete flow of control structures including, IF-Then-Else, DO Loops, Switch, subroutines, batch libraries, etc.

Direct access to FTP, TFTP and HTTP (including SSL) directories and files in all file-handling commands

Redefine commands through aliasing, create new commands and functions for your regular tasks, even assign frequently used commands to a single keystroke

Select or exclude files by date, time, size, and extended wildcards or regular expressions for extraordinary flexibility in file management



JP Software是一家位于美国马里兰州Chestertown的私人公司。我们专注于开发高质量的系统软件,我们的第一个产品(4DOS)诞生于1989年。

我们的主要产品是命令处理器、工具,协助用户在命令行工作以及进行批处理文件。我们的产品适用于Windows XP,Windows 2003,Windows Vista,Windows 2008和Windows 7.