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Embedded Wizard(EmWi)是一个使用舒适、灵活的嵌入式系统GUI开发工具。

它在2D/3D-like跨平台GUI应用程序、独立操作系统、图形API和编译器方面显得游刃有余。EmWi包括了界面友好的制作器、UI代码编辑器和调试器,全平台部件库和prototyper PC即时测试。
Embedded Wizard可以帮助你设计美观、丰富的用户界面:菜单、工具、仪表盘、虚拟键盘、可视化屏幕、多媒体控制接口、家电、工业和医疗设备等。EmWi实现动态2D/3D效果和动画,支持触摸屏、鼠标控制、手势、键盘、遥控器等操作方式。


Embedded Wizard是一款对图形用户插件提供开发和原型制作的工作,大幅度优化了嵌入式平台。他的先进并且用户界面友好的集成开发环境,使图像的创建、整理及菜单逻辑、行为的开发更加便利。

Tara Embedded Wizard 是一款嵌入式界面开发工具。一种用面向对象脚本(被称作Chora)生成通用的C源程序的代码生成器,适合于快速开发界面,具有跨平台性。目前很多芯片厂商(如zoran 电视机方案,broadcom 蓝光碟机7440/7601/7630,ST的机顶盒等)都在用它。

Embedded Wizard is used by manufacturers of Consumer Electronic products, like HDTV sets, Set-Top-Boxes or DVD(R)s, as well as portable and automotive devices, industrial and home appliances.

In 2010, TARA has launched an own, specialized Embedded Wizard products website to make all tool related information available easily in one place. The new website www.embedded-wizard.de also reflects the many different industries - besides Consumer Electronics - in which Embedded Wizard can be deployed, e.g. industrial and home automation or automotive appliances. Especially for Embedded Wizard users, the website provides a new Help & Support section, including a helpful collection of frequently asked questions (FAQ).  


  • Platform independent development for easy re-use across various product platforms.
  • Advanced adaptation to software APIs and/or hardware capabilities for optimal performance on limited embedded platforms.
  • Comfortable IDE with fast access to all parameters, graphics and code
  • Class Library “Mosaic” provides graphical and logical infrastructure for an easy startup.

Lightweight 3D

EmWi's new Lightweight 3D functions enable sophisticated UI designs with 3D-like appearance and compelling effects: Optimized for dedicated embedded platforms, incl. 3D hardware graphics acceleration, and integrated into the familiar EmWi workflow.


Supported Platforms and Operating Systems

ALi M3329, M3602. Broadcom BCM 7440, 7601, 7405, 7413, 3556, Xilleon 2xx. Cirrus Logic EP9307. Distec Artista (Win32). Fujitsu SmartMPEG, Jade, MB86H60 (SmartHD). IBM PowerPC. NEC Electronics EMMA2. NXP TV810, TV520, STB225, CX2425x (Conexant). Samsung S5H2110. Sanyo LC74171. STM STi5514, STi510x, STi710x, Douglas, Chaplin (Genesis). Toshiba TC90400, TX09. Trident QX. Ubicom IP5K. Zoran SupraTV, SupraHD, Vaddis.

OS: Embedded Linux, Nucleus, pSOS, VxWorks, Win32, WindowsCE™ and certain proprietary OS.



TARA System是一家独立的技术导向性的公司,致力于为嵌入式的CE设备,机动车及手机设备提供更适应性的组件,工具和服务。