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USBware 提供完整、高质量且占位极小的嵌入式USB(1.1/2.0/3.0软件Protocol) Stacks (USB 1.1/2.0/3.0格式的驱动协议软件程序),此软件可以使制造商轻易地将高速标准的USB主机、设备和On-The-Go(OTG)与所设计的产品合并连结,此外Jungo USB wareTM提供完整无线USB解决方案包含HWA/DWA兼容的主机驱动程序。

USBware's Key Benefits:
  • Complete solution:

       Ready-made and industry compliant (USB-IF) components for USB software connectivity including low-level USB controller drivers, hub driver, USB Host/Device/OTG cores and class/function drivers. To expedite time to market further, Jungo provides extensive documentation and dedicated technical support to ensure design win and quick deployment.

  • Reliability and high performance:

       High-quality, mature and field proven USB software solution tailored for the embedded market and your future designs. To shorten the integration period and conduct performance validation, Jungo offers the required testing modules for each software deliverable.

  • OS/Chipset/Architecture Modularity:

       Operating system, USB chipset and architecture agnostic software design, enabling seamless porting to any 16/32bit environment, including commercial RTOSs, proprietary OSs, pre-boot / no OS environments, and, inherent support for all leading USB chipsets (external, ASICs,...) and architectures (little/big endianess).

  • Extensibility and Flexibility:

       Extend your design's USB functionality to include additional custom/class drivers support with Jungo's exported APIs and available symbiotic class drivers, or easily migrate your USB solution to additional engineering designs


Jungo Software Technologies 是USB连结驱动软件的供货商,它提供一步到位的USB软件产品解决方案。