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Secure Shell是一种通用的、功能强大的、基于软件的网络安全解决方案。计算机每次向网络发送数据时,SSH都会自动对其进行加密。数据到达目的地时,SSH自动对加密数据进行解密。整个过程都是透明的,使用OpenSSH工具将会增进你的系统安全性。谈到网络安全访问,相信大家首先想到的就是安全Shell,也就是Secure Shell,通常简写为SSH。这是因为SSH安装容易、使用简单,而且比较常见,一般的Unix系统、Linux系统、FreeBSD系统都附带有支持SSH的应用程序包。

Connectivity Secure Shell helps organizations achieve security compliance by providing Secure Shell (SSH) capabilities as an add-on product.

Security concerns continue to receive unprecedented focus from organizations around the globe, and the cost of security breaches has proven to be financially crippling for many organizations. The need to secure sensitive data is paramount. Industry-specific security standards and government regulations are also prompting organizations to review and improve their current security infrastructures and policies. The search for a comprehensive security solution from a trust-worthy vendor is on, and Connectivity Secure Shell is that solution.

Connectivity Secure Shell is an add-on to a wide selection of Open Text Connectivity Solutions, including Exceed, Exceed PowerSuite, HostExplorer and NFS Maestro Client, as well as any third-party network applications. It can seamlessly encrypts network traffic generated by applications in compliance with industry regulations, such as FIPS 140-2. As a tightly integrated add-on component for Open Text Connectivity Solutions, it offers great transparency to end users, affecting neither their workflow nor productivity.

Connectivity Secure Shell provides Secure Shell 2 (SSH), Secure Sockets Layer (SSL), LIPKEY, and Kerberos security mechanisms to ensure security for communication types such as X11, NFS, terminal emulation (Telnet), FTP and any TCP/IP protocol.


Open Text是专业的企业内容管理公司,为各种类型的企业和行业提供能使它们管理、保护以及处理它们的非结构化业务的企业信息管理软件。

Open Text 创新源于1991年成功部署世界上第一个网络搜索引擎技术,Open Text也拥有SAP AG 的全球转销商协议,与 SAP 应用程序配套的 Open Text 解决方案作为 Open Text ECM 系列的一部分进行销售。