Sun Blade 6000 Chassis


  • 硬件
  • 服务器
  • SUN


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Feature Benefit
Mix and match SPARC and Intel Xeon CPU architectures

Simplifies deployments by matching processor requirements for a wide range of applications in a single chassis

Supports up to 10 server modules and nine storage modules

Versatility, density, and flexibility

Blade independent I/O expansion capability

Supports different types of I/O in a single chassis to easily scale and meet various data requirements

Consolidates power and cooling infrastructures of multiple systems onto a single 10RU Sun Blade 6000 chassis

Reduces power and cooling costs and conserves data center space

Supports hot-swappable power, cooling, and I/O infrastructure

Ensures enterprise-class RAS for mission-critical environments

Industry-leading chassis bandwidth of up to 6.4 Tb/sec

Provides peak performance and protects your investment

Oracle Integrated Lights Out Manager

Simplified management at no additional cost