Pillar Axiom 600


  • 硬件
  • 存储
  • SUN


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  • Patented QoS system architecture that delivers predictable performance and efficient consolidation
  • Next-generation modular hardware with near-linear performance and capacity scaling up to 1.6 PB
  • Oracle software integration with Hybrid Columnar Compression support for Oracle Database, Oracle VM Storage Connect, and Oracle Enterprise Manager plug-in
  • Robust Pillar Axiom software environment with support for storage domains, replication, application profiles, and powerful multi-system management
  • Multi-technology RAID pools for efficient utilization of all SSDs and HDDs
  • Non-disruptive hardware and software add-ons and upgrades
  • Multi-tenancy with physical storage separation using Pillar Axiom Storage Domains
Key Applications
  • Oracle Database and Oracle Application deployments
  • Data center storage consolidation
  • Virtual environments
  • Cloud storage service and Infrastructure