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Bunkspeed SHOT是一款全新的HyperShot的替代品。Bunkspeed是一款UDRIVE交互实时渲染“虚拟数码相机”,创建于2003年,2007年第一次追加光线追踪程序HyperShot。古朴典雅的工作流程在几分钟内带给数码设计员现实生活的创作。Bunkspeed从满激情的开发团队已经完成了下一代产品 - Bunkspeed SHOT。
•Hybrid rendering - Bunkspeed SHOT™ can use either the CPU, GPU or both.
• Can scale seamlessly to one or more workstations or to a large cluster
•Works with most all CAD data
•Doesn't require a high end graphic card
•Works well on a dual core laptop
•Significantly accelerated with the powerful parallel processing power of NVIDIA CUDA-enabled GPU's. More CUDA cores gives better performance.
•Supported formats include:
• AliasStudio (.wire)
• 3D PDF
• SolidWorks 2011 and prior
• CREO 1.0 / Pro/ENGINEER (App must be installed)
• Collada (DAE)
• Filmbox (FBX)
• Autodesk 3D Studio Max (3DS)
• Rhino 4.0 and prior (3DM)
• Wavefront (OBJ)
• SketchUp 8.0 and prior (SKP)

• Turntable Animations*
• Sun Study Animations*
• Queue™: Rendering Manager*
• Boost™: Network rendering available*
• Real-time Camera Post Processing Options*
• Rule of Thirds Overlay*
• 32bit Image Output*
• Interactive wysiwyg raytracing
• Real time ray brush
• HDRI lighting
• Global illumination
• Ambient occlusion
• Final gathering
• Environment shadow casting
• Self and inter-object shadow casting
• Environment reflections
• Radiosity
• Refraction
• Caustics
• Environment based self/inter-object light bouncing
• Photon Emitters
• Ground reflection roughness


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Bunkspeed Move 多媒体 Bunkspeed
Bunkspeed SHOT Pro 多媒体 Bunkspeed

Bunkspeed®,作为设计和创意产业的动画软件的领先供应商,Bunkspeed SHOT专业最新版本为Windows XP用户提供专业提高性能,加强与大文件的处理,并增加进口商的支持。