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Bunkspeed Move适用于所有的设计师,建模和广告谁不想把事情提出来的生活和讲一个故事,来推销产品,交流各自的想法或共享的愿景。它可用于演示。


Bunkspeed Move 提供您所需要的一切來製作動畫。利用關鍵移動和動態攝像機便能輕鬆將您的項目動畫化,然後實行快速渲染獲得電影品質的成品。豐富的導入功能(包括自動化 NURBS 模型的棋盤形鋪嵌)幫助您實現任何三維構想。設計精美的介面可在兩小時以內迅速掌握。並在幾分鐘內將您的任何構思視覺化。

Bunkspeed Move
專門給設計師、藝術家、建模師、建築師、互動創意者,滿足他們製作動畫並實現構想,以便闡明設計理念、出售產品並交流和分享觀點的需求。該產品可用於演示、視覺預覽,或通過知名的 Shot 離線渲染程式實現終極電影品質的輸出。


Bunkspeed Move特征

• Stencil for any material
• Automatic decal creation
• Emboss and bump labels
• Add detail to a model quickly
• Multi layer decals for sophisticated texture effects
• Decal over multiple surfaces
• Decal brightness, gamma and tint control
• Single sided viewing

• Key frame, rotation animation
• Object, light, camera
• Innovative “3D graph editor” – animation ribbon
• Simple yet sophisticated animation timeline form clip blending and timing control
• Auto key frame and auto time line
• Automatic output to avi
• Output to non ray traced or ray traced output
• Output format jpg, tiff, hdr

• Box, planar, spherical, cylindrical, radial, from camera mapping types
• Automatic fit to part
• Color, bump,specular and anisotropic channels
• Clamp, border, mirror, mirror once mapping

• Camera motion blur
• Physics for animation
• Formation tool for simple multiple product placement
• Bunkspeed Rays: Live Global Illumination and Interactive, Environment based shadows on the GPU

• Multiple real-time lights
• Point, spot and directional light
• Constant, linear, quadratic attenuation
• Light color, intensity, and temperature adjustment
• Toggles for on/off, and shadows on/off
• Export lights to HyperShot

• ALIAS StudioTools, SolidWorks, Pro/ENGINEER, Rhinoceros, SketchUp, Maya binary, FBX, Collada, Autodesk 3D Studio Max (3DS), IGES, STEP, obj, JT
• GPU capture or raytrace movie creation
• Automatic snapshot to AVI

• Perspective and orthographic cameras
• FOV or Focal Length sliders
• F-stop or aperture setting for depth of field
• Shutter time for motion blur in x, y, z or rotation
• Camera twist slider
• Toggles to lock camera, allow under ground
• Follow and aim camera
• Standard views
• Dynamic camera icons
• Unlimited number of cameras in a scene
• Split views with individual cameras
• Export cameras to HyperShot

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Bunkspeed SHOT Pro 多媒体 Bunkspeed
Bunkspeed SHOT 其他IT管理工具 Bunkspeed

Bunkspeed®,作为设计和创意产业的动画软件的供应商,Bunkspeed SHOT专业最新版本为Windows XP用户提供专业提高性能,加强与大文件的处理,并增加进口商的支持。