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PicturePlayer是一款图片展示程序,特别为CD/DVD ROMs而设计,它可以为单独的图片集添加音乐背景。简单易用,不需要安装该软件就可以光盘直接运行。


Create an impressive photo slideshow for CD ROM, DVD ROM, USB Stick
The software contained in the PicturePlayer package has been designed to let you manage your digital pictures and create sound-supported slideshows and picture presentations quickly with only a few clicks of your mouse.


You can use PicturePlayer to create:
A photo slideshow
A picture presentation
An electronic catalog
A product presentation
An electronic magazine
An electronic picture book
An ebook
A web slideshow in html
A CD slideshow


The software package comes with:
Digital picture viewer
Picture browser
Digital picture manager
Slideshow creator

PictuePlayer features
It supports all common graphic formats (s. Features)
Each image can be linked to a sound file as an option
Each image can be linked to a text passage as an option
Images can be advanced automatically or manually
Selection of fade-in effects
Optimized for use on CD / DVDs
The Player can be used royalty-free on CD / DVDs
Supports the printing of individual pictures or entire presentations.
8 Player designs for you to choose from; each design comes with 3 different layouts.
Corporate identity: You can create and use your own Player design
Runs on all Windows operating systems

Create a product presentation using PicturePlayer

Create slideshows and manage digital pictures with the ShowCreator
The ShowCreator included in the software package is not just for creating and configuring picture presentations. Indeed, its integrated image browser and "light-box function" have been specially designed for managing images.


Managing pictures
View images
Rename and delete images
Copy images:
Compare images.
Sort images
Distribute images into different folders & sub-folders
Allocate a name prefix to image files
Digitally scramble image files
Create picture shows
Create a web slideshow in html


Tidy up your picture files. Its integrated picture browser has been designed to make managing your pictures child's play. Using its drag & drop feature, you can move or copy files into any folder or allocate a name prefix to all highlighted files in order to create file names that actually mean something with a minimum of effort.




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