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Actify Publisher

Actify Publisher 以集中自动发布的方式,自动批量次发布原始的 2D/3D CAD 图档成为 Actify 易用高压缩性的 .3D 档案格式。

Actify Publisher 功能概述

1. 自动批次发布原生的 2D & 3D CAD 数据

2. 完全的发布监控和管理控制

3. 发布行程管理功能

4. 整合性的控制面板

5. 电子邮件通知功能

开放JavaScript 或 VBScript 客制化邮寄发布选项功能

Actify Publisher Features

Centralized, automated batch publishing

Actify Publisher monitors user-specified folders on the network.

When a CAD file is put in any monitored folder, it can be automatically published to a compressed, secure .3D format, according to guidelines set up by the user. These files, in turn, are immediately accessible by SpinFire Professional and other applications in the Actify Suite of Products.

Comprehensive monitoring & control

Actify Publisher provides exceptional control over the batch publishing process via a dashboard interface , enabling users to set parameters determining:

  • what files (or types of files) are published to .3D format
  • which folders are monitored
  • destination where files are published
  • what days and times files are published
  • how files are named.

In addition, users can monitor every phase and detail of the publishing process, including:

  • completed jobs and queued projects
  • the number and size of files processed
  • sizes of source files and published files
  • source and destination locations of .3D files
  • publishing scheduling.

Fewer problems, greater efficiency

Actify Publisher streamlines how you manage your design files. Instead of going through the time-consuming, tedious steps of manually opening and saving individual files to the .3D file format, Actify Publisher automates the entire process for you. That means you can publish hundreds, or even thousands, of archived files quickly and easily...and know it’s been done right. By automating the entire process, file conversion errors are kept to a minimum—along with your time managing the process. Issues such as misdirected files, incorrectly converted files, overlooked files, and unforeseen delays are no longer a problem.

Increasing Productivity after publishing

Upon .3D publishing, Actify Publisher can send email notifications to anyone you specify. Automated notification eliminates unnecessary delays and downtime, so workers stay productive and on schedule. Additionally, Actify Publisher's scripting functionality can be used to communicate directly with other applications such as document management programs or workflow engines.

Save on software costs

Your enterprise may include a number of SpinFire Professional users.

Instead of requiring each SpinFire Professional installation to have its own importers, now you can centralize. Installing both Actify Publisher and a full complement of importers on a single computer that users share minimizes demands on your budget and staff time.

Technical Specifications

  • Publisher recommended minimum requirements for hardware: CPU Pentium 4 class 2.4GHz with at least 1GB.
  • Publisher recommended requirements for hardware: CPU Pentium 4 class 3GHz or higher with at least 2GB.
  • Performance and memory required is largely dependent on the format and size of each source native file.

Supported OS are:

  • Windows 2000 (Professional and Server) Sp2 and higher with IE6 (recommended SP4)
  • Windows XP Professional
  • Windows Server 2003


自1996年以来,全球45个国家,超过250,000名用户和超过9000家客户使用Actify实现CAD设计信息交流。 Actify公司1996 年成立于旧金山,拥有全球首屈一指的3D/2D CAD 图档轻量化可视化技术,成功地帮助全球上万家制造企业和供应链中的每个人能在不需要复杂的架构或昂贵的 CAD 软件前提下直接读取设计信息,并协同交流,极大促进了生产力提升。客户包括:   1. 汽车行业: GM, Ford, Honda, 大众,戴克、Volvo、DANA、江森控制、TRW、博世等   2. 航空航天: 波音、洛克希德.马丁、庞巴迪、NASA、Raytheon、Textron等   3. 消费品和电子:NOKIA, GE、SANYO、SONY、CANON、摩托罗拉、P&G、Black & Decker、阿迪达斯等   4. 通用机械;西门子、ABB、Wieland、SII、STANEY等