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Deep Exploration 是Right Hemisphere出品的一款功能强大的3D文件转换工具。 它可以导入预览VRML的wrl、vrml格式文件,Viewpoint的mtx、vpp格式文件; 可以转换导出Shockwave 3D文件(w3d格式)、VRML 场景世界文件(wrl、vrml)、Viewpoint媒体全部的文件格式(mts、mtz、html、mtx、vpp)、WildTangent加密的文件(wsad); 通过安装Deep Exploration插件,还可以导出Anark Studio V1.5.2版最新开发提供的amx格式三维交换文件。 Deep Exploration可以让你轻松地进行创建和传递可视化产品,完成团队之间更有效的通讯和协作。 快速且轻松的变换、标署作者、发布二维和三维产品的图形和文件,在您的桌面上使用现有的工程CAD系统进行设计,数据处理,还有其它的数据内容。

Right Hemisphere公司为制造业,设计和娱乐行业提供视觉信息系统(VIS)来优化创作,整合和发布3D数据。

Deep Exploration CAD Edition是一款2D丶3D模型浏览及转换软件支持多达80种3D格式,同时它还可以对你的模型进行编辑及添加注释制作动画等。最后它还拥有强大的输出功能,除了可以将你的模型输出为各种常用3D格式外,它还可以直接将模型输出为2D或是3D格式的PDF文件的产品手册。

Deep Exploration可以导入预览VRML的wrl丶vrml格式文件,Viewpoint的mtx丶vpp格式文件;可以转换导出Shockwave 3D文件(w3d格式)丶VRML 场景世界文件(wrl丶vrml)丶Viewpoint媒体全部的文件格式(mts丶mtz丶html丶mtx丶vpp)丶WildTangent加密的文件(wsad);通过安装Anark爱好者们自己创作的Deep Exploration插件,可以导出Anark Studio V1.5.2版最新开发提供的amx格式三维交换文件在计算机或网络中收缩丶快速浏览,转化,优化和发布你所有的2D丶3D丶动画丶视频和音频资源的工具。还提供高质量的3D对象和场景透视图,帮助你创建互动的3D内容和基于web的动画。还可以通过Deep Exploration 模块来实现特定的转换丶制作和发布功能。


What's NEW in Deep Exploration 6.0?

Deep Exploration gives users simple yet sophisticated functionality to optimize the review, delivery and publishing of visually oriented information.


  • Design review of entire product models regardless of size and complexity can now be done without rurning off?features or hiding assemblies and parts as CAD systems require.

  • Supply chain communications and collaboration are simplified and more efficient with product review and mock-up, engineering change order analysis and requests for quotation.

  • Visually enhanced and animated step-by-step manufacturing work instructions, maintenance procedures and a broad host of product related documents, manuals and publications.

  • Fast and easy creation of high-resolution images for use in marketing collateral, advertising, presentations, website content and electronic catalogs.

Now you can get the most from your investment in CAD design by leveraging the content throughout the Product Lifecycle ?from Engineering to Manufacturing,throughout Service and Support, even Marketing and Sales can make use of the content without knowing or licensing CAD tools.


Right Hemisphere is the recognized standard for Visual Enterprise Solutions that enable manufacturing companies around the world to unify, synchronize and deliver visual product and business information to optimize their global product development, launch and support processes.