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Accordent PresenterPROAccordent的旗舰产品,是为大批观众制作现场和点播的交互式演示软件,是福布斯杂志全球2000排前位的上市公司的首选。
Organizations around the globe rely on Accordent's flagship product, Accordent PresenterPRO, to create their mission-critical live and on-demand webcasts that can be watched by many thousands of viewers.
As we looked to standardize on a single authoring platform, it was apparent that no other solution offered the scalability, features, and ease-of-use comparable to Accordent's PresenterPRO EE. It is a true enterprise application.

Steve Fanelli
           Director, Creative Media
           Unisys Corporation


Accordent PresenterPRO is an enterprise-grade software solution that enables organizations to create compelling, interactive rich media presentations for audiences of virtually any size. Presentations can include live and on-demand streaming media, a broad array of synchronized supplemental content - including PowerPoint slides, URLs, Flash files, closed captioning and images - as well as interactive surveys, polling and moderated Q&A.
Accordent PresenterPRO is the top choice of the Global 2000 for producing highly branded, interactive webcasts. Large enterprises use Accordent PresenterPRO for their corporate communications and training programs to leverage existing, low-cost IP bandwidth instead of using costly satellite broadcasts and other traditional video production methods. Designed to scale on both internal and external distribution networks, Accordent PresenterPRO lets companies optimize existing network bandwidth through multicasting, content caching and edge delivery. The system's unique, IT-centric design maximizes the ROI by integrating with LDAP directories and core databases to automate user authentication, testing and activity reporting.
When combined with the powerful Accordent Media Management System? - the industry's first platform for managing, securing and measuring the effectiveness of rich media communications on an organizational scale - presentations can be automatically published to Accordent's highly searchable and customizable custom portal.