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支持Outlook,Eudora,Outlook Express,Thunderbird,Incredimail和所有的POP3邮件客户端,同时还支持hotmail和雅虎账户。

Summary of Features

Technology Makes Your Life Easier™

SpamWeed is an email classifier

SpamWeed is not only a spam filter, but a full-featured email classifier. Designed with business users in mind, SpamWeed's primary goal is to save your time. SpamWeed can classify emails:

  • by senders, e.g., put all emails from your colleagues to the "Co-Workers" folder;
  • by keywords, e.g., put all emails containing the word "ebay" to "Online Shop" folder;
  • by recipients, e.g., put all emails sent to "" to "News" folder;
  • by contents, e.g., put all emails asking questions about your product to "Customers" folder.

The SpamWeed classifier can also notify you by popup or sound when there is new mail received in particular category. This offers a powerful way to prioritize your email communication and achieve better personal time management.

All of the above could be done with a few clicks, and once trained, SpamWeed classify your email automatically! Classifying email and personal time management could never be easier with SpamWeed 3.

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SpamWeed is a language genius

With its fine-tuned email analyzer and multi-category Bayesian classifier, SpamWeed recognizes over 25 natural languages!

Moreover, it is the only filter with a trainable language detector. Using SpamWeed, you can easily distinguish email in English, French, Spanish... which were not possible before!

With SpamWeed 3, blocking foreign language spam is no longer a headache!

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SpamWeed processes heavy loads with ease

SpamWeed is designed for both home users and business users. Its filter engine is tightly integrated into Outlook or Outlook Express, added minimal overhead to mail receiving process.

Lab tests and customer reports show that SpamWeed can easily handle large volumes and is perfect for users with thousands of daily email.



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