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Fill the email security gaps in the Microsoft .NET Framework with encryption and authentication, plus get full-featured SMTP, POP, IMAP, and MIME capability. PowerTCP Secure Mail for .NET includes powerful bi-directional MessageStream technology that lets you easily create, send, retrieve, and edit messages while helper classes assist you in managing your email addresses. Complex HTML messages can be created with just one line of code. Easily switch between no security to SSL-enabled by setting a few properties.

Screenshot of PowerTCP Secure Mail for .NET - .NET Component - V1.0.5Features include:

  • Automatically authenticates and encrypts/decrypts data sent and received using SMTP/S, POP/S, or IMAP/S using SSL2, SSL3, PCT or TLS
  • Supports client-side AND server-side authentication
  • CertificateStore class provides extensive certificate management support
  • Certificate class enables certificate verification and query
  • Properties and events for certificate authentication give complete control over what is accepted or rejected
  • Supports explicit and implicit SSL
  • Includes POP, SMTP, and IMAP components for sending, receiving, and management of messages, the MessageStream class (MIME) for authoring and editing, and helper classes for email management and lower level encoding/decoding
  • HTML messages can be created with one line of code
  • Both synchronous and asynchronous functionality designed with .NET? multi-threading capabilities
  • Full support for multi-national character sets including non-standard usage
  • Supported encoding mechanisms include Base64, Quoted Printable, UUEncode, and Yencode
  • Pre-packaged Mail WinForm templates are included (with source-code) to easily add user interface capabilities for SMTP, POP, and Message construction
  • MessageStream class (MIME) technology enables "on-the-fly" encoding and decoding, with retrieved messages represented as a collection of MessageStream objects and automatically decoding into their appropriate parts, while message construction encodes when the message is sent
  • Flexibility of creating complex messages, mixing and matching different kinds of data to create a custom tailored email message
  • Stream-based objects make integration with your application seamless
  • Helper classes such as MailAddress and MailAddresses assist in easy management and sorting of email addresses, enabling the efficient movement of email lists to and from your applications storage mechanism
  • Supports full Pipelining
  • IMAP based on the most recent revision to RFC 2060 on October 2002
  • Imap component is designed to present a local representation of a remote server while preserving the hierarchical structure of the mailboxes in an object-oriented manner
  • Imap component includes full support for Idle and the ability to only access the parts of a message you need, even during bulk transfers
  • Debugging has been extended beyond run-time testing to a new design-time Editor that lets you test your SMTP, POP, and IMAP capabilities without compiling. Properties set in the Editor are recorded directly in your code, and a real-time feedback window gives you a detailed view of the messages available on a Mail Server for download providing unprecedented debugging capability
  • Includes a royalty-free license
  • Integrated Help 2.0 documentation includes over 3 dozen tutorials and a comprehensive reference guide with full support for dynamic help