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Adobe FrameMaker+SGML 6.0
包括COM 和.Net电子邮件工具!

E-Mail Developer’s Power Suite是针对认真、专业的电子邮件开发者而推出的一个完整的解决方案,也是我们最好的产品。这套产品既可以购买单个许可证,也可以购买多开发者许可证,两者都指定了EasyMail Objects 和 EasyMail .Net Edition的数量。

这套产品还包括了一个EasyMail SMTP Express和EasyMail WebAccess的单机版的许可证,另外还有ObjectPower Toolkit,该工具集包含了您在应用程序中会用到的另外三个对象。

The multichannel SGML technical publishing solution for print and Web Adobe* FrameMaker*+SGML 6.0 delivers everything you need to create,edit, and publish complex documents in Standard Generalized Markup Language (SGML). A required format for documentation in some industries, SGML enables organizations to share volumes of complex, frequently revised documents across applications and computer platforms in a variety of media. Publish to multiple channels - the Web, CD-ROM, and print - all while retaining the document's structure and organization. With its accessible user interface, FrameMaker+SGML lets you focus on content without having to learn the complexities of SGML. New with FrameMaker+SGML 6.0 is XML publishing capability through the included Quadralay WebWorks Publisher Standard Edition.For documents not requiring a tightly structured environment, Adobe FrameMaker gives you powerful authoring features for multichannel

SGML Capability:

* Productivity and Automation
* Open Architecture
* Structured Document Support
* SGML Handling Powerful Authoring Tools
* Word Processing and Layout
* Graphics and Tables
* Text and Graphics Filters
* Productive Book Building
* Book-wide Commands
* Book Window

Multichannel Publishing:
* HTML and Dynamic HTML Generation
* XML Publishing
* Integration with Adobe GoLive? and Other Web Tools
* Enhanced PDF Support
* Press Releases

McDonnell Douglas:
This aircraft manufacturer relies on FrameMaker+SGML for a
structured, yet easy-to-use authoring environment to produce its
Flight Crew Operating Manuals.

FrameMaker+SGML enables Xerox's education group to create both
printed and electronic versions of product documentation in a
single step, saving weeks of production time.

Hitachi Semiconductor:
Using FrameMaker+SGML, this computer chip manufacturer
produces data sheets in multiple formats - print, HTML, SGML,
and PDF - significantly reducing