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一款用于和Lotos Notes同步邮件以及文件的程序,同时还提供了日历,约会,任务计划等日常功能


mNotes Features


mNotes enables you to take your Lotus Notes email, contacts, calendar, and to-do list with you on your Smartphone or Pocket PC. Better still, you can reply to email, update contacts and more on your device and then synchronize back to your computer, no-more double-entering data! Try mNotes

mNotes features include:-


Mobile synchronization of Notes mail and PIM
Provides highest levels of Notes functionality for Lotus Notes email, calendar, contacts, tasks (to-dos) and
journal management


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specific device pages



Intelligent attachment handling for Lotus Notes user


Multiple folders, multiple Lotus Notes mail files on device


Maintains integrity of read/unread marks


Lotus Notes follow ups and actions supported: (Notes 6.5 and later mail template features) 







Meeting notices: invitations, reschedule and cancellation notices are sent when meetings are created, amended
or deleted on the mobile device



A single center to allow you to manage all aspects of meetings


Fully supports all repeating meeting patterns


Integrated with existing handheld Calendar Application and Lotus Notes




Multiple Notes Address Books, category support, filtering


Inport/Export contacts



Supports all Lotus Notes tasks including repeating tasks


Delegated tasks, multiple task list support, archiving



Take notes on the mobile device and replicate them to a Notes journal database for office based access

mNotes Benefits


Wide device choice:-

Use Lotus Notes with over 40 Smartphone & PDA device types including Palm Treo, HP iPAQs, i-Mate, Sony Ericsson plus other Windows Mobile and Symbian devices. You can include most of your workforce, running multiple devices

Now available for Windows Mobile 5
click here

Designed by Lotus Notes people for Lotus Notes people!
mNotes users don’t have to compromise with their use of Lotus Notes when using via a Smartphone or PDA

Minimizes IT helpdesk resource:-

mNotes offers highest levels of operational reliability. Improve your productivity and maintain it at a high level

Wide connection choice

Cradle, IrDA, Bluetooth, WAN etc