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MAPILab Statistics for SharePoint Current version: 1.0.3016 MAPILab Statistics for SharePoint is a simple and effective tool for collecting and analyzing data about usage of site collections of SharePoint product family. The product offers a number of finished reports both for evaluating the common visiting traffic of sites and for reviewing the smallest details such as user sessions and hits. Integration with Active Directory gives an opportunity to gather reports on domains, organizational units and individual users. Reports on search queries include data of search results for estimating the level of user satisfaction as well. Reports of MAPILab Statistics for SharePoint Group of reports about users` activities and visiting dynamics. This group includes reports on dynamics and intensity of visiting site pages, detailed data on each user, length of user visits on different sites, depth of visits, and information about operating systems and browsers utilized by users. Group of reports about intensity of usage of site pages or site collection. This group includes reports that show popularity of site pages, data about start and end of visits on site pages and visit sources. Group of repots about usage of SharePoint search services. This group includes reports on intensity of queries by day, data about successful and no-result queries; also the group can be used for estimating user satisfaction of search results. Next version of the product awaited in April 2009 will contain reports on creation and usage of documents, reports on settings and parameters of SharePoint environment, sizes of web-applications and data bases. We hope that new reports will become useful both for content management of portals and for SharePoint farm administration. Key features of MAPILab Statistics for SharePoint Integration with Active Directory. Due to integration with Active Directory, any report may be generated just for users of a concrete domain, for organizational unit or even for specific user. For example, it is possible to evaluate employee`s involvement in projects according to dynamics of user`s visits and queries to the search system. Interactive reports. All reports included in the product allow you to change the order of columns, sorting and grouping by each field – and all this without refreshing the page! Moreover, any report contains a filter that defines a time period and additional parameters for data filtration. Connection between reports. Reports generated via MAPILab Statistics for SharePoint contain links and controls for receiving detailed reports quickly. For example, when reviewing the report on browsers, a report about versions of needed browser can be obtained with a single click. Also: simple implementation; full integration with SharePoint; limitation of data collecting area; flexible settings of data collecting process; support of topologies of any complexity; management of data storage period; export into PDF format. Compare capabilities of MAPILab Statistics for SharePoint and integrated statistical system of Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 Download Free Version You can download a free version of MAPILab Statistics for SharePoint (6577 KB):


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