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Enfocus PitStop Pro是Enfocus公司开发一款功能超强的PDF编辑工具,它作为Acrobat Pro版的一个功能增强插件,在文字出版印刷行业几乎无人不知。它可以让你直观的通过向导的帮助制作一个完美的PDF文件。可检查PDF,并且去除某些讨厌的PostScript指令;文字內容与字体可以修改,但是不能重新走文,也可以插入新的字体。圆形可以检查或直压((overprint),也能转成Beziers曲线来修改;转换函数(Transfer function),半色调、CMYK或RGB都能加上去,还能从其他的PDF上搬过来新的物件。


PitStop Professional 是一种用于检查、编辑和修改PDF文件的工具

如将ICCBased页面对象的特性文件重新指定给ICCBased页面对象等。这一功能对于纠正含有来自不同软件、而Distill只使用了同一个特性文件处理的图像的PDF 文件很重要。

Enfocus PitStop Pro是Enfocus公司开发一款功能超强的PDF编辑工具,它作为Acrobat Pro版的一个功能增强插件,在文字出版印刷行业几乎无人不知。它可以让你直观的通过向导的帮助制作一个完美的PDF文件。可检查PDF,并且去除某些讨厌的PostScript指令;文字内容与字体可以修改,但是不能重新走文,也可以插入新的字体。圆形可以检查或直压((overprint),也能转成Beziers曲线来修改;转换函数(Transfer function),半色调、CMYK或RGB都能加上去,还能从其他的PDF上搬过来新的物件。

PitStop Professional 是一种用于检查、编辑和修改PDF文件的工具。它是一个专业的美术设计师和出版人员的必备工具。它是一个Acrobat插件(Plug-in),提供了一个用于检查、纠错和转换PDF文件的功能强大的工具箱。特别是,它可以向现存的PDF文件中添加新页面对象,同时还支持其他页面对象的“取样”功能,可以用于挑选色彩和字体等特性。PitStop的Inspector功能可以检测出页面中任何对象的类型和属性,还允许用户修改属性,如将ICCBased页面对象的特性文件重新指定给ICCBased页面对象等。这一功能对于纠正含有来自不同软件、而Distill只使用了同一个特性文件处理的图像的PDF 文件很重要。PitStop还具有“全体变化”功能,使整个PDF文档中的所有对象都发生变化。对于特殊的色彩,可以通过Image Color Matching调色板来修改PDF文件中的图像对象,以获得输出一致性。PitStop专业版对PDF文件的预检工作非常有用,可以对许多检测出的错误进行自动纠正。此外还可以通过Action Lists完成纠正操作,自动执行文件重新赋值等许多操作步骤。使用“PDF Profiles”选项实现预检工作,详细定义了PDF在特定工作流程中必须包含的特性。


这个功能能使整个PDF文档中的所有对象都发生变化。对于特殊的色彩,可以通过Image Color Matching调色板来修改PDF文件中的图像对象,以获得输出一致性。

它可以对许多检测出的错误进行自动纠正。此外还可以通过Action Lists完成纠正操作,自动执行文件重新赋值等许多操作步骤。使用“PDF Profiles”选项实现预检工作,详细定义了PDF在特定工作流程中必须包含的特性。

Higher efficiency, smarter functionality, easier integration 

As publishing professional, you know that PDF files can be troublesome to work with.
           They are not generated as expected, do not output as expected and more often than not you have to edit the file even though Adobe Acrobat does not support it.
PitStop Pro now brings you a plug-in for  Adobe Acrobat that offers the solution to those problems.Impressive array of editing toolsPitStop Pro comes with an impressive array of editing tools:

Edit text
Move colors
Move, rotate or scale objects





Global changes to the rescue
In working with long documents or to fix problems across a number of pages in a PDF file, global changes come to the rescue.
                       Each global change can be customized to do exactly what you need and accomplishes changes automatically across a complete file.

  • Apply stamps

  • Insert cover pages

  • Renumber pages

  • Convert all colors

  • ... all done in just seconds.

The built-in industry-standard preflight engine checks all aspects of your PDF files to detect missing or corrupt fonts, incorrect colors, objects without bleed and much more…
It supports standards such as PDF/X, the Ghent PDF Workgroup specifications and the profiles created by your user association, publisher or printer. You can generate a full preflight report that lists all problems found in your files or you can choose to use the navigator to pinpoint the exact error object. The navigator can often even fix the problems for you.


Accurate detailed preflight information






Fixing last-minute problems is now a mere matter of seconds. Even when the problem is more complicated or production oriented, PitStop Pro still has the right tool for the job.
Imagine being able to apply a template with correct trim and bleed boxes to a document while at the same time inserting the printer marks you want.
PitStop Pro was developed specifically for use in a demanding, deadline-driven professional publishing environment. It won’t let you down when a deadline looms and you have to fix things quickly and efficiently.