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AllPDF Converter可以快速创建,合并和编辑PDF文件,而只需很少的费用。 无论你需要在部门内部还是与其它部门,或者与用户共享重要的商业文档,ALLPDF Converter都能帮助你优化商业流程。

AllPDF Converter 2.0

Easily Create and Combine Documents

Use the Merge feature of ALLPDF to combine separate documents (any document) into one PDF file, in the exact order you want. Write a quick email note; add one PDF attachment and send. Since virtually every computer has a free PDF viewer, you can be confident that your file will be viewed and printed in the exact order you want complete with original color and with no quality loss.


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BCL Convert PDF to Word 文本处理 BCL Technologies

BCL Technologies致力于提供文档的创建、转化、提取方面等问题的解决方案,让使用者省去大量的手动操作工序,节省工作时间并且大大提高工作效率。