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PDF-XChange是一个PDF文件制作解决方案,它能够利用Windows的应用程序,比如说MS Word、Excel、AutoCa来制作PDF文件。虽然具有许多的配置设定和功能选项,但是该软件却非常简单易用。另外,该软件还能够作为打印机,以代替传统的纸质输出。



PDF-XChange consistently offers the smallest files, fastest and most reliable PDF creation and manipulation available today.

  • World beating compression and optimisation technology
  • Viewer PRO Features  - see here !
  • PDF/A format support for guaranteed long term archive standards support 
  • Extended functionality provided for MS Office integration - via the toolbar
  • n-UP Printing mode - automatically mounts and rescales pages to a single page and calculates correct page positions etc.
  • Enhanced visual layout previewer allow you to resize pages via the printer preferences
  • Brochure/Booklet Mode print output
  • Flexible DPI output options 50 - 2400DPI available
  • CJK fonts/character set support
  • Add Watermarks or Overlay PDF pages to new PDF output - ideal for Company Stationery use.
  • Auto Bookmark generation
  • Auto Header/Footer generation
  • Extended Font embedding options
  • Profiles - create specific printer preferences and save to Profiles for future use.
  • MAPI/SMTP Email integration options
  • Windows 2000 > Vista 64  (32/64 bit) 
    See below for Windows 95, 98, ME, NT options.
  • Citrix Metaframe/Terminal Server Certified.
  • 'Macro' based Auto file naming/location - with Javascript rule based options available. 
  • Comprehensive Digital Signature and Security including 40/128 bit and AES Encryption options
  • Advanced MS Office - Batch File Converter supplied free
  • + all the features of the PDF-XChange Viewer PRO and PDF-Tools !

    and - much, much more!