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Safestone’s Security Audit & Detection is a configurable monitoring and reporting tool for converting raw System i data into relevant security information. As well as producing archival audit trails of critical events, it can instantly notify you of any regulatory non-compliance or security issues so that you can respond to threats immediately.

Key Benefits

  • Tells you what you need to know as it happens: instant event notification allows reaction to security violations as they happen.
  • Shows auditors the events they need to see: a number of on-demand event reports are instantly available to auditors.
  • Helps institute best practice audit and monitoring controls: all best practice security standards (including ISO27002, CobiT) require the implementation of auditing and monitoring methodology as part of responsible IT governance.
  • Captures critical security events: filters automatically sift through thousands of pages of raw data to report only the important events.
  • Archives data for forensic investigations: allows the re-opening of previous security incidents for interrogation.
  • Monitor powerful users: keep constant track of users with special privileges.
  • Provides alerts directly to mobile users: SMS and email notifications can alert administrators no matter where they are.



Safestone 已经成立了21年之久了,它通过提供本地化的销售,咨询和专业化的服务,来帮助客户管理他们的系统安全问题。

Safestone has a global network, built up over more than 21 years, and provides localized sales, consultancy and professional services to help organizations manage all their System i (OS/400) security requirements.

The Company is funded by a number of leading Investment Organizations including Symantec Corporation, Oyster Technologies and MVC Capital.