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energyPRO is a Windows-based modelling software package for combined techno-economic analysis and optimisation of both cogeneration and trigeneration projects as well as other types of complex energy projects with a combined supply of electricity and thermal energy (steam, hot water or cooling) from multiple different energy producing units.

energyPRO is typically used for techno-economic analysis of different energy projects such as district heating cogeneration plants with gas engines combined with boilers and thermal storage, industrial cogeneration plants supplying both electricity, steam and hot water to a site, cogeneration plants with absorption chilling (trigeneration), biogas fuelled CHP plants with a biogas store, biomass cogeneration plants, but other types of projects, e.g. geothermal, photovoltaic or wind energy projects can also be analysed and detailed within the software.

When using energyPRO, it is possible to include the benefits of thermal storage. Experience from many cogeneration and trigeneration projects show that the use of thermal storage can increase the project feasibility by up to 30-40%, if variation in the daily electricity prices exists.

When using energyPRO, the user is able to input a wide range of data on different energy plant types, degree day data and other external conditions, demands and profiles, plant operating strategies, tariff structures, revenues and operating costs, investments and finance arrangements, plant depreciation and taxation models within the same calculation..

The software also allows the user to include the relationships between other variables, such as ambient temperatures, solar gain or wind chill, thus allowing very detailed modelling techniques.

Based on the inputs, the unique programming in energyPRO optimises the operations of the plant against technical and financial parameters to provide a detailed specification for the provision of the defined energy demands, including heating, cooling and electricity use.

energyPRO also provides the user with a detailed financial plan in a standard format accepted by international banks and funding institutions. This includes presentation of the operating results for the project, monthly cash flows (up to 40 years), income statements (P&L), balance sheets and key investment figures such as NPV, IRR and payback time. The software enables the user to calculate and produce a report for the emissions (CO2, NOX, SO2, etc.) by the proposed project.

energyPRO is very user-friendly and it is the most advanced and flexible software package for making a combined technical and economic analysis of multi-dimensional energy projects.



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