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EasyLink提供了一整套完全外包的EDI解决方案,帮助企业充分利用其在电子数据交换上的投资。使用EasyLink EDI,企业能够优化效率,可靠性,并在降低成本,基础设施和开销的同时实现电子供应链。


EasyLink provides a comprehensive set of fully outsourced EDI solutions that helps companies to take full advantage of their EDI investment. With EasyLink EDI, companies are able to optimize the efficiency, reliability, and reach of their electronic supply chain while reducing costs, infrastructure and overhead.


EasyLink’s broad portfolio of EDI solutions and services solves all of these challenges. Whether you are a large EDI hub with mission-critical applications, or a small supplier with no EDI capabilities, EasyLink’s solution portfolio can be tailored to your company’s requirements.

EasyLink provides several cornerstone EDI Services:

EDI VAN - enables secure, reliable, and efficient communications with trading partners around the globe. It includes services such as InLine Translation, our hosted solution, that allows you to convert data into any format, EDIINT Services for processing AS2 data, and the ability to process any type of data format with any trading partner regardless of their technology.

Web EDI - allows EDI enabled companies to trade with non-EDI companies who have access to a web browser. This allows for the efficient processing of transactions bi-directionally so that all parties can process data in their preferred format.

EDI Managed Services - provides an outsourced EDI solution tailored to fit your budget, technical sophistication, and trading partner requirements. You conduct your business and EasyLink manages your EDI.

EDI Service Bureau - one of the largest Service Bureaus in the world supporting the retail trading community helping to bridge technology gaps between large retail hubs and their non-EDI suppliers.

Using any combination of these services provides you with a world of opportunity to strengthen your existing business relationships, add new partners and vendors at will, obtain higher levels of efficiency, and improve your overall ability to gain control of your EDI application.



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