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For many organizations, fax still remains a vital means of conducting business with your customers, partners and vendors. With EasyLink’s fully outsourced fax solutions you can reduce fax costs by as much as 70%. You’ll eliminate fax servers, fax machines, telecom lines and the consumables associated with faxing.

EasyLink offers a comprehensive portfolio of complementary fax solutions to automate your company’s faxing, improving productivity and reducing cycle times.

Desktop Messaging – users send and receive faxes within their existing email client without the need for any hardware or software; increasing productivity by enabling them to fax at their desktop.

Production Messaging – enables your backoffice systems to send messages directly to the EasyLink network for delivery as fax, EDI, e-mail and secure e-mail eliminating the need for and management of middleware.

Document Capture and Management – enhances your high volume inbound fax applications by automating the processing of forms-based data into electronic formats importable into your business systems.

Workflow Service – automates the management of inbound business documents with automated routing and rules assignment.




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